Graybill's Tool and Die

  • Our Seiki milling center with automatic tool changer puts these holes in with ease. Over 200 holes in this plate are drilled and reamed press fit for pins.

  • The finished disk ready to be shipped.

  • A highly polished surface finish was required on this part.

  • A surface finish of less than 2 micro inches was acheived.

  • This shaft had a diameter tolerance of .002 and a straightness tolerance of .003.

  • This shaft also had a diameter tolerance of .002 and a straightness tolerance of .003.

  • Some examples of Wire EDM parts.

  • This plate was 3-D sculpture machined and is used to stamp a pattern into ceiling tile.

  • Front side of a prototype heat sink.

  • Rear view of the prototype heat sink.

  • View of a small part prototype.

  • Another view of the small part prototype.

Graybill's Tool and Die, Inc. is a precision machine shop. We specialize in single piece prototypes to short production runs. We have a hard earned, long standing reputation for quality and service that make us very proud.

A few areas of our expertise:
  • Precision Machining: +/- .0001" Tolerance
  • EDM: Wire & Plunge
  • Dies: Blank, Compound, Trim, Draw, Extrusion, Progressive, Prototype, Die Repair
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges: - All Types
  • Molds: Extrusion, Plastic - Compression and Injection, Mold Repair, Prototypes
  • Welding: Oxy/Acetylene, A/C Stick, MIG/TIG
  • Stamping: Short Run - 26 Ton Max
  • CNC: 3D Milling
  • Low Volume: Move low volume production from your shop to ours and reduce your overhead and set/ups